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Our mission is to make ESG commercially viable

01  Why

A new ecosystem of value

As companies are increasingly held accountable for their environmental and social impact, there has been a paradigm shift in the way value is measured

The need for action is clear

At a minimum, failure to address climate change could erase 14% of global economic output by 2050. Investors are pouring record amounts into ESG, but they still expect competitive returns.

Balancing purpose & profit

Many companies have yet to approach ESG as a source of revenue and fail to see the connection between the two. But those prioritizing purpose along with profit outperform the market, proving this is the only way to sustainably accomplish ESG

A new ecosystem of value

The need for action is clear

Balancing purpose & profit

02  How
Our work sits at the intersection of Web3 and ESG, allowing us to build future-facing sustainable markets for our Members

Transforming data into new revenue opportunities

NAX is creating the financial constructs to make ESG profitable and viable. We transform data into products that pioneer new assets and markets, leading to a more fair and sustainable future

NAX has three platforms to drive ESG

Platform 01
Our development team transforms corporate datasets into Web3-ready digital products
Platform 02
Our technology enables these products, thereby making markets more efficient
Platform 03
Our exchange transfers risk between parties

Proprietary technology integrating Web3 solutions

NAX creates innovative solutions that leverage Web3 as a utility, unlocking value for our Members to help them thrive in the next evolution of the internet
03  What

A selection of products under development

Deforestation avoidance credit platform
Connecting land owners, investors, and third party players to unlock liquidity that promotes forest preservation and environmental goals
Provides risk-managed ESG investments
Unlocks liquidity to support forest preservation
Creates exchange-tradable securities tied to environmental goals
Oil & gas upstream methane leak mitigation
Finance the recapture of methane leaks released through exploration and production via the creation of a debt instrument connected to carbon credits
Reduced methane emissions from oil and gas systems
Improvement in measurement and loss control of methane leaks
Improved regulatory compliance for oil & gas production
04  Membership

As a membership-only platform, NAX offers fully integrated, bespoke solutions that help make ESG commercially viable

Our exchange members benefit from expertise that affects positive change for their bottom line, team and end users, and the world at large
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