NAX creates
new markets and ecosystems
around corporate assets
The majority of assets globally are not yet listed. Much of this value resides within dormant corporate assets that are ripe for technological and financial innovation, but the infrastructure to unlock this value has historically been absent. The New Asset eXchange - NAX - is changing that.
From seed to securitization, NAX creates a new lifecycle of growth to repurpose corporate assets.
The NAX allows a corporate partner to realize the full value potential of its proprietary assets through the development of new asset-backed ventures and securities.
The NAX ecosystem comprises three fully integrated platforms that support the new lifecycle of an existing asset:
Creating asset-backed ventures and markets
Our development platform Genesis Project mines corporate assets to create asset-backed ventures and markets.
Leveraging assets for DeFi
Our technology platform Bridge deploys technology solutions to power corporate assets for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) & Future Finance (FutureFi).
Making alternative assets tradeable
Our trading platform LiQid securitizes corporate assets to make them tradeable on our alternative asset marketplace.
Each platform allows corporate partners to leverage their assets as drivers of significant growth.
NAX brings an unrivaled
breadth of expertise to power financial and technological
innovation at scale.
The Team