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NAX Group Announces Strategic Expansion in Three Key Areas

NAX Group Announces Strategic Expansion in Three Key Areas

NAX Group announces strategic expansion in three key areas that extends talent ecosystem to help corporate Members drive growth.

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, February 17, 2023: New Asset Exchange (NAX), a software and services company that rapidly commercializes consumer and enterprise products, today announces its strategic expansion in three key areas: sector, regional, and operational. This expansion will better enable NAX to help its corporate Members unlock adjacent growth in new markets while also creating growth opportunities for the organization itself.

“We’ve spent the past three years developing our proprietary commercialization platform that allows us to take new products to market at warp speed,” said Jeff Schumacher, Founder & CEO, NAX Group. “The success of this model can directly be attributed to our unique talent ecosystem, and we’re excited to extend our vision into new areas so we may continue to rapidly accelerate growth for our corporate Members.”

NAX has appointed a team of seasoned executives to lead this expansion. This team will be integral in scaling the number of corporations around the world NAX partners with to identify new revenue streams and rapidly bring new products to market.

‍Sector expansion

NAX is taking its innovative model that has created extraordinary value in the fintech space and extending it to new industry verticals.

Philipp von Girsewald, Managing Director, Head of Financial Services

  • As NAX continues to create more products in the financial services industry, Girsewald’s background as a fintech entrepreneur has proven to be a vital part of the team.

Pedro Haas, Managing Director, Head of Energy

  • Given Haas’ extensive experience in the energy industry, he will continue to play a critical role as NAX takes products to market in the space.

Nathan Gunn, Managing Director, Head of Healthcare

  • Gunn’s expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation will be invaluable for NAX as it continues to build out its offerings in the healthcare sector.

‍Regional expansion

NAX is bolstering its European leadership team to broaden its global footprint and drive value for its corporate Members in one of the most important marketplaces in the world.

Alexander Schlaubitz, Managing Director, Germany

  • Having previously served as the CMO of Lufthansa, Schlaubitz has played an integral role in expanding NAX’s capabilities into Germany and Europe more broadly.

Adrien Boyer, Managing Director, France

  • With considerable experience as a media and tech executive, Boyer will play a vital role in bringing NAX into new markets as well as building out its global leadership team.

Operational expansion

NAX has recently hired two senior legal executives who will allow it to further innovate in new areas and enable its next phase of operational growth.

Andrew Glickman, General Counsel, Corporate

  • Glickman has a significant breadth of legal and business experience working with fast-growing technology and retail companies, focused on corporate governance and complex strategic transactions, including IPOs, M&A, and joint ventures.

Joey White, General Counsel, Ventures

  • With more than 20 years of experience as a legal and compliance executive, White will be vital in helping NAX launch successful ventures.

"As NAX continues to experience unprecedented growth, we are excited to welcome these seasoned leaders who will play an integral role in executing the company’s mission and vision," said Maher Masri, Global President, NAX. "Their deep experience will allow NAX to help our corporate Members explore new markets, new products, and new ways to use their assets."

This expansion follows the recent addition of Maher Masri, Global President, and Ben Armstrong, Global Chief Product officer.

To learn more about NAX, please visit https://www.naxgrp.com/.

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